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I'm pleased to note that even https://dolphin.town, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

A screenshot of the local timeline of Dolphin Town. The only thing people are posting is the letter E in various permutations, about 6 posts a day.

@darius えええええええええええええええええええええええええ

@ryo いいえ いいえ いいえ!!

@darius now how long does a password with “e” only need to be to have the same amount of entropy as “secure” ones

@NewNewDoug I decided to allow for non-e letters

Screenshot of the dolphin.town registration form where it says "Password (non-'e' letters are fine)"

@Jessica I can *hear* that gif

@darius this is the internet we were promised


I assume it's not the right server for Georges Perec

@provokingcats that would be https://oulipo.social (which was the inspiration!)

Oh right: some of you might be interested in this talk I did 5 years ago called "Infrastructure As Shitpost" where I talk about Dolphin Town and the creative possibilities of the fediverse


@darius now thees is sheetposting

@Nigma I gave a talk about Dolphin Town almost five years ago to the day called "Infrastructure As Shitpost"


@darius Eeee eee E

@darius how did I manage to not learn until TODAY that you are culpable for dolphin.town

@gnomon frankly you should have guessed!

@darius Five minutes into rejoining the fediverse and I've already found something that I missed from the old Internet. Weird stuff like this makes the world a better place. Love it! 🤣

@darius I suppose that running an instance only with the E letter, you know or someone already told you about this french book : "La Disparition".

A lipogrammatic french classic by Georges Perec from 1969.

The whole book was written without the E letter (which is a prowess in french language where it's a prominent letter).

@skenizen He knows it and there is an instance for that too. =)



@darius You probably get this joke a lot but: Georges Perec must be spinning in his grave