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yeah there's nothing there worth considering

I was looking forward to screenshots 😭

the local listings never change

>fake job posted by recruiting company
>defense job that requires TS/SCI clearance
>non-specific corporate .NET job
>embedded job that wants 15 years experience and an EE degree

@deprecated_ii @orionstjames Even trade jobs are this bad:
>Apprenticeship that just teaches you how to sell old people and boomers shit they don't need, and a furnace/AC probably shittier than their old one.
>Union trade training program except they're picky about who gets in.
>Experience and trade school needed but we pay you less than a fast food worker and work you till you pass out.
>We train you, never fucking train you, yell that you're not learning fast enough.

@deprecated_ii @orionstjames Highly skilled PHP developer needed
・Must be younger than 25 years old.
・Must have at least 20 years of experience with OOP, Scrum, and Agile.
・Experience with HTML, CSS (but only if it's SCSS, no normal CSS allowed), JavaScript (but only if it's React and Vue, no normal JS allowed).
・Experience with Java, C#, C++, Python, Node.js, and Go.
・Experience with Zend, Laravel, and CakePHP, BUT NO REAL PHP, NOT IN MY COMPANY!!
・Experience with GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
・Experience with unit testing.
・Experience with mobile app development.
・Experience with Microsoft Office, Xcode, Visual Studio 2020, and Photoshop.

Nice to have:
・Has a MacBook Pro or a Windows laptop.

@ryo @deprecated_ii @orionstjames 30 years experience with Rust. No, I don't mean the rust on a car.

everybody is in scarcity mode, nobody is thinking long term and it's been like that for decades

it's amazing we've staggered along for this long

@deprecated_ii @PhenomX6 was talking about this with a colleague at work who had experience teaching in higher education

seems to me like CS degrees went from trying to teach solid programming/CS fundamentals to teaching everyone the latest frontend framework to make candidates more marketable. now people who can’t put bullet points and buzzwords on a resume are SOL because they’re not spending every waking second auctioning themselves off to the highest bidder

everyone wants senior programmers, nobody wants to train the senior programmers, nobody wants to pay the senior programmers what they’re worth

I actually replied to such a job post back in 2003 or so.

They requested a Java developer with at least 10 years of experience. Java came out in 1995, so I sent them the list of all people in the world that had had at least some knowledge of Java for that long, like James Gosling, Arthur van Hof, Bill Joy, Ken Arnold and others.
Personally, I only had 7 years experience at that time.

They didn't get back to me.

@deprecated_ii @orionstjames

@niclas @deprecated_ii @orionstjames PR departments and recruiters aren't really knowledgeable.
They just take whatever the CEO says, which takes whatever the latest trends are according to the mainstream media.