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you can't censor blockchain bla bla bla

@akeno Exactly what I've been saying for an entire year now.

@akeno If only Odysee had made self-hosting of the LBRY software a bigger component of their whole thing.


Watch they'll take down the gatalog too

@PhenomX6 @akeno Gatawhat?

Illegal in Japan but legal in the USA except for like one state (if you're not a felon or selling what you make), a bunch of 3d printed firearm files.

Joe Biden wants to fuck the laws that say you can make your own guns this way because felons are illegally making guns now (not just by 3d printing though).

@PhenomX6 @akeno I heard about 3D printing firearms, though honestly never heard of "gatalog" before.
I actually started wanting to buy a 3D printer just for the 3D printed firearms thing, but the printers are just too expensive to afford.

I don't really give a fuck about artificial "law", those are just for slaves anyway.
Natural law is the only real law that matters.

The printers are cheap. The problem is finding ammo. Japan and Asia are known for having countries with gun laws that make the infamous West European ones people mock the shit out of online look lax. The other problem is you will get party vanned in Japan if they find out and back in 2014 they made an example out of some guy who did.

In strict countries there are extreme restrictions on buying even ammo from licensing to background checks, or NPCs salivating at the idea of it.

Then again gun laws aren't even the dumbest part of Japanese laws, copyright laws really need to get loosened up imo.

@PhenomX6 @akeno I've been dealing with copyright (which by the way is a scam) for so long, it's extremely easy to slip through.
All you have to do is making sure you keep the fact you're pirating under wraps in real life, and only ever talk about it while on Tor (and torrent over an overseas VPN).

As for ammo, deeply frozen soybeans serve as a nice alternative.
Or many you can melt some pieces of metal together to craft your own metal bullets.
There are always ways around everything.

After all, every civilization went from sticks, stones, and fire to NANOMACHINES SON!! once every great reset.

@ryo do you have some links to that soybean stuff friend?

@PhenomX6 @akeno @ryo many countries that outlaw guns, sell blank guns with 9mm ammo with rubber tips and they sell air rifle pellet guns. Buy pellets, heat them just enought to melt into the rubber of the non lethal rubber rounds, problem solved

@PhenomX6 @akeno @ryo buy the rubber rounds and add the pellets to the tips

@demitasse @akeno @ryo I've heard stories that that's what criminals do in Europe. They love to convert 9mm blank guns to fire 380. I learned countries have easy to obtain 380 ammo as well because of "military ammo type bans" so they have all these batshit crazy complaint calibers. In the USA we have them too, 350 Legend is one such caliber that's designed to be straight walled for deer hunting with more power than a lot of them. Why? Many states ban bottle necked cartridges.

@akeno Dunno, was just an example of alternatives you could possibly use.

@PhenomX6 @akeno @demitasse By the way, I heard that US states require permission to live off grid, and come with certain regulations.
Don't you think it's bullshit?
Because if you need to ask for permission to have freedom, then it means you don't have freedom at all.

@ryo @akeno @demitasse The best ones are the states that require you to harvest rainwater. Boomers will still come up with excuses to claim it's the freest place on earth.

@ryo @PhenomX6 @akeno @demitasse Once seasteading becomes a reality, we won't need to ask permission because we can live off-grid on international waters that are controlled by no-one.


@xianc78 @PhenomX6 @akeno @ryo I don't think it will ever happen tbh, the sea is an overwhelming force of nature. even oil rigs are super dangerous to work on, it's unrealistic to have community on one, a floating city would be even more dangerous cause waves and weather

@xianc78 @PhenomX6 @akeno @ryo a cruise ship is the closest thimg possible imo

@demitasse @PhenomX6 @akeno @ryo Some parts of the ocean are safer than others. There are even parts of the ocean that never have hurricanes. The best place would be near the equator.


@xianc78 @PhenomX6 @akeno @demitasse One other thing to consider: they control the weather.

@ryo @PhenomX6 @akeno @demitasse Motherfucker! Let's just hope they can't control ocean weather yet.

There is also Liberland, a micronation located on a no-man's land between Croatia and Serbia. But it's minarchist and I rather have a full ancap/voluntaryist society and I don't know how other powers are going to deal with it in the long run.