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Can ancaps and ancoms be united into just anarchy?

@ryo Ancaps and ancoms aren't the only anarchists. You also have anprims, mutualists, left-market anarchists, and egoism. You should probably include those as well.

One thing I didn't mention is that AnComs are more likely to live in cities while AnCaps are more likely to live in the countryside.
But it doesn't matter, I like life both ways in their own aspects.

@xianc78 True, there are many more than just these.
But the biggest divide seems to exist between AnComs and AnCaps (or at least, the most well known divide).
I didn't look into the other ones as much yet, simply because I didn't come across people who go by the other types.
Well, @cee said to be anarcho-individualist (blue/black, not sure how to shorten it), which is apparently kind of "the big tent".

@ryo There is Illegalism, Egoism, Mutualism, Agorism, AnCaps, Anarcho-Nihilism, Transcendentalism which all come under the Individualist umbrella


@ryo That would align with the sharing mindset of the left which I think is also what made them take more naturally to libre(tarian heh) software.

The disagreements, at least in the discussion, being over the minutia of whether a tool is product or means of production tells me that the gap between the sides isn’t so great. To add to @xianc78 s point, there are also minarchists and constitutionalists (in the states at least) whose views would slot in comfortably near libertarian anarchism, despite their clinging to some state structure.

@ryo i often think the same. I have had a lot of decent conversations with ancom, we can usually agree on many things. Until it get too policy making where i often get the sense that even though they believe in anarchy they would still promote centralized government policies that align to their believes. Which seems contradictory to me.

@ryo You can't have capitalism without some form of state control. At the very least you need a law enforcement authority.

@ryo I think anarchism is at best a distraction. It gives off vibes of weakness and vulnerability that women especially seem to despise in men. Why would he subscribe to some marginal ideology unless he's not CEO material? The state is cracking down hard on low status men, while giving female noble persons more protection from men. You are not only swimming against the tide, you are making the grave mistake of declaring to the hyenas that you are weak.

> You can't have capitalism without some form of state control.

This is like saying "you can't have a Linux PC without Adolf Hitler taking over Europe".
In other words: bullshit.
AnCaps don't even believe in law enforcement or AUTHORITAH!!, we see them as the criminal organizations they are.

All you need is smart productive people and some form of money (doesn't have to be coins or banknotes or gold or crypto, even something like trading carrots for fish is technically a monetary system).

@ryo What you describe is not capitalism. Aside from the fact that the majority are not smart nor to be trusted, you need enforcement of contracts for capitalism to work.

@scroll You need a massive 1 party government for communism to work.
No the case with capitalism.

@ryo All states eventually end up that way, not only the communist states.

@scroll Which is why we should have anarchy (and thus no government).
The opposite of anarchy is statism/tyranny/fascism/communism/soycialism/howeveryouwanttocallitbecauseitisthesamethinganyway.
The moment you have a government regardless of size, it WILL grow larger and larger until it collapses on itself.

@ryo If you want capitalism, you need a state, however small at the start.

@scroll @ryo By this definition it might be possible to say that cryptocurrency == government

@ryo @cee @xianc78 This divide is nothing new. Here is a post from over a decade ago in which somebody from the left anarchy side makes very similar observations. He states that from their side, it mistakenly looks as though right anarchists want a big corporate state.

This is a lot of common ground! So much so, that I think that one would be hard-pressed to find another group that “regular anarchists” have so much in common with! With this being the case, why not unify? Why not work together against our common enemies? The obstacles that we need to overcome are enormous, and we need all the help we can get. … Left anarchists tend to mistakenly believe that right anarchists want more of what we have now – imperialism, mercantilism and a Corporate State, instead of wanting no government whatsoever. The right anarchists tend to mistakenly see the left anarchists as being a new form of Leninist or as wanting a conformist tyranny-of-the-majority Borg.

It seems divide and conquer tactics have been at play for quite some time here. And I’m all for bridging the gaps.

@wrongthink @ryo Cryptocurrency requires global consensus to function, hence, the Internet and international trade agreements. Private interests would rather pocket the profit money than invest in critical public infrastructure like roads or cross-oceanic data links. Also capitalism requires reasonable contract law enforcement and property rights policing. Without state what's yours is how much you can keep, thus, investing your rising profits (required for capitalism) becomes increasingly hard.

Anarchism is a toothless ideology that will crumble against sufficiently organized authoritarian movement. I'm sorry, but the big state is an inevitable development.