076 SNS

> If you have a so-called "bulletproof" domain registrar / hosting provider

Yea, it's called Tor and I2P, and .onion and .b32.i2p respectively.

@ryo Someone asked me for a decentralized registrar. I didn't have an answer, so I just recommended Njalla (which is also a VPS) because at least it can be anonymous using Tor and paying with Monero, but someone else said that these are decentralized:

I don't know anything about them, just sharing the information.

@TerminalAutism There is no "decentralized registrar", as everything ultimately points to ICANN one way or the other.
And every ISP makes their DNS compatible with that too.

Although you can technically make it decentralized, which involves people setting up their own DNS servers and invent their own TLDs, and have something somehow cross-reference all the DNS servers to each other.
That way not only you have full control over the content and the SLD, but also the TLD.
So once you have full control over TLD, we actually have a way to stop censorship.

I'm actually having a similar article as a draft, but about VPS's.
I might add this whole DNS stuff into it as well.

@TerminalAutism I looked into OpenNIC before, and almost none of the TLDs are registerable.
Those that are registerable remain inaccessible even over OpenNIC's DNS settings, even after setting everything up.

I never heard about the Handshake one, so I can't comment on that one.

@ryo Yeah, I don't know anything about that, just spreading random information. My brain hates acronyms. so I will never know anything about networking beyond ssh go brrr and xpra be cool. Monke-braned networking.