076 SNS


The game was fun... Sad to see the balance is so broken and boring now.

@udon Card games like this are doomed to be unbalanced I think. The developers introduce new cards to shake up the current broken meta, but soon parts of the new cards will become broken. Another set of new cards will replace them, ad infinitum.

Yeah, it's more profitable in that way, unfortunately. But the balance declined really fast in recent packs (Look how insane the status and effect is: https://web.archive.org/web/20220929050342/https://shadowverse.gamewith.jp/article/show/347272 ).

In the past at least they restored some overall balance in new sets, like SFL is generally balanced compared to ToG (mainly Lightning Blast's Enhance 10 and Zell when it was 222) and the infamous WLD which made many players left. And even that there is still chance to win without using mainstream decks (unless when I faced the classic op card Dimension Shift). Now it's never.

@udon I get the same feeling, even though I'm more of a casual. The one thing I'm disappointed at is the anime. Why is it that almost every card game anime is about... playing cards? I want to see the cards' lore in the anime, not people playing cards like a bunch of chuunibyou. The same applies to Yu-Gi-Oh pepeCry

Yes. I've heard the 1st season is trash. Modern anime is usually for promotion of other things, and it is a card game so...

@udon @niko Anime has always been a promotion for other things, the only exceptions are the original anime, which is a very few of them relative to the amount of anime ever produced in total.