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Microsoft Edge is officially spyware now. I assume nobody here is using it, but remember to actively switch friends and family off of it, given it now tracks literally everywhere you go on the internet, supplying that data to Microsoft and Cloudflare, companies with deep ties to sketchy US agencies.


@tessaracht only we should spy on you

@ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon Librewolf. It's a Firefox fork that strips all the spying shit.

@xianc78 @ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon Most.
There's still some tweaking you have to do by yourself, but the most concerning ones have been taken care for you.
I would as well recommend Iridium for the Chromium fans, as Iridium is to Chrome what Librewolf is to Furryfox.
And if you need something more independent, Pale Meme, Basilisk, Netsurf, Dildo, and Lynx might be your best friends, but keep in mind that websoytes that are full of soy will not work or will work poorly on these browsers.

@ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon I would also recommend PaleMoon but there are some tweaking you need to do before it's truly private. But the lead developer has been blocking certain add-ons (namely ad-blockers) for moral reasons and the team is slowly becoming more like Mozilla.

There are also minimalist browsers like Surf and BadWolf but they don't have certain features you may be use to like add-ons. (You can still block ads and malicious (third-party) JavaScript by editing your host file though. Text-based browser like Lynx and W3M also still exist but the vast majority of the web can't be rendered in them.

AVOID Brave! It's a shitty meme browser. Their BAT crypto isn't even decentralized (they even take a cut off of it), the browser has auto-updates by default, and it's script blocker whitelists Google (which understandably and unfortunately is required for many sites to work) and Facebook trackers.

@ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon LibreWolf is just Firefox with some privacy tweaks and some other features. Other than that, it's the same as vanilla Firefox. Any site that works with Firefox should also work with LibreWolf.

It is possible to mitigate Firefox so that it runs without tracking, but if you don't want to do that, then go with LibreWolf.


@ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon Unfortunately, all (or at least most) privacy respecting browsers are either forks of Chromium or Firefox, at least for right now. Until someone creates a browser completely independent from the Google/Mozilla duopoly (or monopoly since Mozilla is really just a second head of Google) we are stuck with these.

If you don't trust the LibreWolf site, there is also Ungoogled Chromium. It's just Chromium but with the Google tracking shit stripped out. It seems to be more supported than LibreWolf (70 active contributors according to GitHub).


@ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon The Tor Browser is based off of Firefox. You can use any browser with the Tor network if you configure it to run through Tor.

@xianc78 @ArdainianRight @tessaracht tor browser has additional security features

@Moon @ArdainianRight @tessaracht Yeah, but it isn't practical to use a browser that always connects to Tor. You can't access web pages hosted over a LAN for example, which is especially a problem given that most public Wi-Fi hotspots require you to visit some locally webpage before connecting. That can't be done on the Tor Browser.

@xianc78 @ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon
all these threads are the same

@opal @ArdainianRight @Moon @tessaracht What else is there? Everything either runs on Blink (Google), Gecko (Mozilla), or WebKit (Apple). NetSurf (runs on its own engine) seems to have potential but they haven't updated in over two years.

@xianc78 @Moon @ArdainianRight @tessaracht In many cases you even have to know the exact URL of the WiFi hotspot's page if you don't have any of the mainstream normie browsers installed, which is especially annoying, because even if I'm not on Tor I can't even connect to almost every single hotspot.
I can connect to Starbucks hotspot, but only because I figured out that you can bring up their landing page by just going to https://www.starbucks.co.jp.

@ryo @ArdainianRight @tessaracht @Moon When I was in college, the Wi-Fi landing page was hosted directly on their routers. You had to disable Tor or your VPN in order to login, then re-enable them afterward.

@ryo @xianc78 @ArdainianRight @Moon @tessaracht
But instead of Iridium, why not Ungoogled Chromium?

@udon @ArdainianRight @Moon @tessaracht @xianc78 Because the AUR version of Ungoolagged Chromium had SoystemD dependencies which is just retarded.
But by the time somebody else pointed out that you can just install it without these stupid dependencies through the "galaxy" repo, I already had Iridium running, and I can't have them both installed for some reason.

I can have LibreWolf and FireDragon installed at the same time though, even though FireDragon is OpenSUSE's rice of LibreWolf, so it's quite weird.