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@ryo i remember when java phones were the shit

>both newbies and professionals
There's your problem right there. If it's designed for both newbies and professionals then they are going to stick with that language and not move on to anything else. That's why people are developing trying to develop professional software in languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java even if C/C++ are better choices.

We need to bring back BASIC. It's solely meant for educational purposes and nothing else. Nobody made professional software in it (maybe outside of a few video games, but those can be an exception). And everyone moved on to languages like C, C++, Pascal, and Assembly afterward.

> Technically a Goolag product, but the company itself is barely even involved.

@ryo And Common Lisp is so far in front of C that you can't see it in the image.

@xianc78 I know, though it's more about picking a language that meets these 5 criteria rather than "pick something easy and fuck the real work" like what most others would do.
And the 5 criteria I gave are of benefit for both newbies and professionals (offline documentation, common sense syntax, and so on).
You might have noticed that ease of use wasn't even a thing in this article, that would have made my rankings seem very different (and subjective rather than objective).

@yasu Proprietary format that can only be opened in WinDOS or macOS only applications.
Melon Books once sold me a digital manga that could only be opened using their own proprietary viewer, so from that point on I started to refuse to read any digitally bought books ever again, it's such a scam!

@yasu I see.

opinions on that soy language called Rust?

apart of the fact that it was invented within cuckzilla

@aa1874 I never worked with the language at all, which is why I excluded it.
I didn't work with Ruby much either, but at least I tried to learn it a few times before, I didn't even get to that point with Rust.

I think you should discuss Rust with @e since he likes that language and I respect his technical opinion on it

@NEETzsche @aa1874 @ryo it used to be pretty annoying back when you had to explicitly declare all the lifetimes but they improved it a lot and there's not a lot of gripes I have about it. my main issues with it are matters of preference, like I think it'd be cool if they had done implicit async await rather than explicit, or stuff that hasn't been implemented yet but are being worked on (enum variant specialization, better const generics, etc). the library ecosystem is already pretty great but it doesn't compete with npm. if it was a shitty language people would be able to attack it for something other than being related to trannies

@e @NEETzsche @aa1874
> async await

Please no, I'm still getting nightmares from asynchronous coding because of NodeJS...

@ryo @NEETzsche @aa1874 what issue do you have with async await?

@e @NEETzsche @aa1874 It's weird AF.