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@TheTallMan @Effortless @ryo Well, the people at the very top of all this are all dark occultists. Even real science has a strong connection to the occult, it's where it comes really from. The scientific establishment comes from evil occultists. It's a tool for propaganda/mind control, and also a filter that prevents the truth from ever getting to people.

@TheTallMan @Effortless @ryo And of course, in the first patent:
"Original Assignee
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc"


@TheTallMan @Effortless @ryo Also, worth repeating, this exists:
And hey, look, 060606. And there is graphene in the shots ( https://patents.google.com/patent/CN112220919A/en ), and graphene is a grid of HEXAgons, made out of carbon atoms, and carbon has the atomic number 6. The "Jewish" star also comes to mind.

If you put all this together and it doesn't creep you the fuck out, I don't know how. Either some prophecies were actually right, or they are actively fucking following them like it's a manual.

@TheTallMan @Effortless @ryo We have things in common. I want to reduce the carbon, and by carbon I mean them. Also, banning graphene.

@ryo "Would you like some fries to go with that?"

@ryo @TheTallMan @Effortless Exactly. I am in favor of banning private jets. If the rich cocksuckers are going to push this crap, THEY should suffer the consequences first. Also, how about euthanizing old people, starting from the most rich and powerful since they have the largest carbon whatevers? Most of them are looking pretty old. Time to go to hell.

@ryo @root That gives me the nightmare that is the idea of having clients, and on top of that also working in IT. It's like a double nightmare. Not gonna happen, I would rather carry boxes, or be a janitor, or be a carpenter, or mow the lawn. Whatever, anything but that.

@ryo @Effortless Here are some from my collection.

@ryo @root Well, scp does have the -r(ecursive) option. Though really, the best setup is to have an NFS file server in your LAN (or SMB if you want to be like that, makes sense if you want it be accessible from Windows computers so you don't have to set up NFS on Windows), and then just connect to that.

@ryo @root I just use scp (sftp also works). And you can connect the computers directly, with an ethernet cable, but you need to set up a static IP address on both machines (they have to be different). Also, can't you connect two computers together with Firewire or Thunderbolt? I think those ports may be able to do that, but I have never done it and never even had Thunderbolt. But I think those just have built-in networking, so you may have to set up the static IP anyway.

Anyway, I don't know how to do this on shitty retarded distributions that removed ifconfig, which is most of them. They replaced it with ip. With ifconfig, it's just ifconfig, then the name of the ethernet inferface (you get it by running ifconfig with no arguments, it always begins with e), and then the address (it can be and on the other machine). With ip, I think it's similar to this command:

@ryo Nobodies are very cool. Even in the 2010s, I watched some people that had 0 ~ 10 views per video and like, 12 subscribers. Most of those are gone now, though. A lot of people nuked their channels at one point or another, which is a shame, because I would like to watch them more. I really like rewatching old videos. They just have a different feel to them that you don't see anymore. Made by people that only did it for fun and didn't give a shit about anything, and didn't have to worry about what words they fucking say. And it helps that the times weren't nearly as horrible as they are now, even after the economy imploded.

They don't make them like that no more.

@ryo Some channels that I like did manage to get to the thousands. My Odysee channel is a lot bigger than my YouTube channel, though I got I think almost 70 subs on YouTube without posting any videos (just from comments), before I got shadowbanned. YouTube is horrible for actually posting videos. You have to dox yourself to remove the time limit. I think you can't upload anything longer than like, 15 minutes (if I'm remembering that correctly), unless you send them pictures of your credit card and ID, and give them a phone number. If I could use YouTube, I probably could get to the thousands without even trying, but I'll never comply with their ridiculous demands, so that's not gonna happen. Really doesn't make much of a difference to me, though.

@ryo That makes sense. I thought it was based on what all users watched on it. What doesn't make sense is why it even has accounts. Presumably just for subscriptions, but you can just use RSS, or put them in an html home page.

@ryo True, that is an exception, but that's because it's a small instance used by Japanese people. Get westerners to use it and almost all of them will be people that watch those channels. Horrible taste. Nothing but tech channels, and for the most part very bad ones. Not expecting some of the more niche stuff that I watch, or even relatively big channels about more niche aspects of tech, but come on, at least get LGR in there, that's a big channel, but actually cool, which is kinda rare. Most channels in the millions of subs are garbage, the good ones at best get stuck in the hundreds of thousands, if they're lucky. The retard market is the only really big market.

@ryo I know, that's what LibreWolf is. But that's too much work to put into bad software, and I'm no expert on that kind of stuff anyway. If I have to do everything myself, then I don't see the point of using Firefox at all. Better off using any of those other browsers. Or even building Palemoon and just customizing that instead. The only reason to use Firefox is because of LibreWolf, because it has nice defaults.

@ryo And even after that, some of them will mock you for not having a new computer. Guaranteed. They are that bad.

@ryo Librewolf dropped OpenBSD? For fuck's sake... why? I'm still on 7.1, but I was going to find out. And it's worth mentioning, I don't think the ports collection has anything that isn't available in package form. It is what they use to build the packages, after all.

The browser situation is truly horrendous. And LibreWolf is not on FreeBSD either, so unless you want to build it there, you have to use the Linux compatibility layer to run the Linux binary, if it even works. Or the appimage, I think those can be used on FreeBSD too.

It's a big problem. Linux is going in a horrible direction (hell, to me it's already there, and the state that it's in is the only real reason not to use it), and you can move to other OSs, but then good luck browsing the web in its absolute current state. Only real options are using Webkit or WebEngine browsers like Luakit, Nyxt, QuteBrowser, Otter-Browser and other browsers (heh). Every BSD has at least some of them, and even if they are not there, they shouldn't be that bad to build.

The problem is that people refuse to leave the sinking ships, so those browsers don't get as many extensions, and don't get really solid defaults like what LibreWolf has.

@ryo Well, those channels and by consoomers (and shills) and for consoomers. They are all about getting people to waste a bunch of money on crap that they don't need and don't understand. Computer is slow? It must be old. It can't be the software, not that. And into the trash it goes. Or to a recycling center or a thrift store, where a reasonably intelligent person may get yet another computer basically for free, that is 90% as "good" as the new one that the idiot just paid another fortune for.

@ryo I hate those channels so much I won't even try to express it. But I do save their soyfaces to make fun of them on imageboards and to eventually make some giant cringe compilation. Why does everyone on Invidious have such shit taste in everything?

@ryo "GTA meets Pokemon"
So it's just GTA San Andreas with Pokemon mods? Actually, no, that's much better. Fuck, I really want to play GTA, and a bunch of other PC games. It would be nice to have a computer to use as a console, but I don't. Well, I could play GTA San Andreas or something else that old, even on my weaker computers, but I only have one monitor, other than tiny laptop screens, and that is already being used for my main system.