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So, Amazon will be soon releasing a wave of robots for doing jobs: https://basicincometoday.com/amazon-cant-get-enough-human-workers-so-here-come-the-robots/

And yet, the article downplays the issue of humans being replaced:

>The company wants to give the most demanding, repetitive tasks to robots, then retrain employees for higher-skilled jobs such as mechatronics or software engineering.

>Instead of replacing workers, robots can make their lives easier, argues Tye Brady, chief technologist at Amazon Robotics. “If you reframe your relationship with machines, you can gain incredible productivity.”

I can't shake off the impression that every time an article like this comes out, it always has a variation of "no, you're not getting replaced, don't worry".

Well, you are. And we need to think about what to do with the upcoming robot revolution. But pretending it's not coming does nothing, and makes sure lots of people will have to count pennies, and some will starve and die.

@kino Nice of you to have taken the efficiency pill :D

I daily drive a computer from 2006, just with some more RAM and HDDs that I already had. The big thing for me is that it's perfectly enough. Some people seem to be obsessed with having new stuff even when it's not needed.

Getting into modifying and refurbishing/repairing computers.. and really enjoying the concept of limited systems. I don't think I will ever buy a new computer ever again.

I've grown very ideological against consumerism since venturing down this path and seeing just how horrible the consumer market has become manufacturing products designed for failure or obsolescence and completely locking out any possibilities of repairability, upgradability, or modification. It's difficult to really claim "ownership" of a device if you have no ability to do with it as you wish---if it breaks, you can't fix it; If it ages, you can't upgrade it; If you want to change it, you can't. This is all by design, because the free market entities manufacturing these products rather you simply dispose of your old products and buy new ones.

Making good, long-lasting, user-maintainable/upgradable/modifiable products simply isn't profitable. While good for corporations, this practice is inherently anti-consumer, user-unfriendly, and extremely environmentally hostile.

Hero Elon Musk heroically supporting free speech again:


Fuck this genocide loving cuck. Controlled opposition, as was obvious all along.

@scalar Thanks for the info.

>On an aside - have been a huge fan of your work and website for awhile now. To have created such an *honest* and extensive resource for individuals to make informed decisions is truly commendable, cutting through the noise, bullshit, and psyops.

Comments like yours make it all worth it :D

@scalar Just watched it, pretty good, a few things I didn't know about. Only thing I'm angry about is that they didn't send the white clots to lab analysis immediately upon seeing them.

Polish government is planning a law that would require certain apps coming preinstalled on smartphones - one of which requires doxing data to be given. Bad precedent.



The funny thing is, the TV / mainstream media has been doing the "terrorizing" about COVID for 2.5 years now, while the vaccine is praised and so people happily take it. Their logic, then, could actually be reversed. But I'm happy to put myself on a level playing field and assume both COVID symptoms and vacine symptoms are all for real. The vaccine still comes out a lot worse.

Vaccine side effects are now being blamed on stress while taking the vaccine, because of "anti-vaccine misinformation": https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36381188/

Nothing to see here, kids. All the heart attacks were just from people being "terrorized" by antivaxers.

Total clown world.

@TerminalAutism @lsn

About the presidents, I think some cases are less sure than others, but the Haiti is cut and dry. And the connection to denying the vaccines is pretty obvious, too.

@lsn The "we really didn't know" narrative really needs to die.

- Creation of Covid itself in the Wuhan lab
- Event 201
- Using improperly configured tests to measure "COVID cases"
- Marking any death within a month of a positive COVID test as a COVID death - even those with 4 chronic diseases coming along for the ride, or even suicides or accidents
- A "vaccine" that is not a vaccine, invented 10 times (or more) faster than any other in history
- Burial of sane treatments like Vitamin D or ivermectin
- Deplatforming dissidents from big tech social media, or even the academia. Academia seems compromised as much now, because every antivax study includes the disclaimer "The vaccines are so great, man!" right at the beginning
- Continuing with useless measures like lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing long after they have been proven to be useless and / or harmful
- Killing presidents in Africa that went against some of the stuff, and replacing them with plants such as in Haiti

Everything I've said here is provable. Try the full corona report here https://digdeeper.club/articles/corona.xhtml, 2.5 years of work exposing the official pandemic narrative. And the part about presidents and killing ivermectin in another article here https://digdeeper.club/articles/enemylaw.xhtml#folly.

The "we really didn't know" narrative is the final attempt of the COVID criminals to avoid accountability and their own consciences (maybe the lower level criminals have some, I really doubt it about the high level ones). It's not going to work, as the reply to the "amnesty" article has shown.

Modern cure for depression, 100% effective:


>In March 2023, Canada will become one of the few nations in the world allowing medical aid in dying, or MAID, for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.

Still believe the elites are not doing depopulation? Because I can guarantee you, that when this becomes normalized, there will be no more focus on fixing the conditions that lead to people's mental issues. Just blaming the victim and then killing them because they are "irremediable".

@Suzu @wolfie @TerminalAutism @ryo @hakui @Freefromfall @neatchee

There is an easier explanation, namely that they plan their conspiracies years in advance. See Event 201 but that had to be planned in itself, so the real start date was probably like 2017-2018.

@TerminalAutism @Freefromfall @Suzu @hakui @neatchee @ryo @wolfie

The price is inflated by 20 times the amount of the cost of production. But there should not even be a single dose given of this stuff, so what does it matter? And the anarchocommunists ignore this.

@digdeeper @fsf Here's a solution: abolish the school soystem altogether!
Seriously, little children were never supposed to sit on a chair at a desk for 6 hours a day while being treated like prisoners.
Little children are supposed to explore their direct environment and actually learn how to live through that.


Why not talk about how the useless COVID restrictions have caused the issue? And on a deeper level, how the existence of the schooling system makes it possible in the first place? https://digdeeper.club/articles/school.xhtml

🖥️ Desktop OS - I just use Linux but I guess BSD is better
📱 Mobile OS - Trash your phone
🔍 Search Engine - Mojeek
🌐 Browser - Pale Moon + uMatrix (the key here)
📧 Email - Claws Mail + PGP
🔐 Password manager - My head
☁️ Storage - USB drives
🗒️ Note taking - What's that?

@TerminalAutism @ryo @Freefromfall @Suzu @hakui @neatchee @wolfie The leftist / anarchocommie narrative about the "pandemic" is the most puzzling thing out there. They used to hate "big pharma" like here https://inequality.org/great-divide/big-pharma-firm-brought-us-opioid-crisis/ and suddenly they worship it. They will complain all day long about evil capitalism making their magical "vaccine" expensive, but will never bother to question its safety or effectiveness - or any of the other COVID restrictions for that matter. Reading some of those anarchist websites is like a window into another world.

@akien @godotengine That's the point. I was trying to get them to disable malicious Cloudflare in a slightly trollish way.