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Dude, there are people who got killed every day in, let's say, Ukraine and Iran. But all you do is find a pretty distant guy from Japan with pixels of an inappropriate combination, fighting him/her and wishing him/her to die and burn in hell?
Indeed, a true hero. Bravó!

Okay, but what is "safe"?

Так, а ээээ кхм… а можно на полном серьёзе спросить, а в чём отличие от ноутбука, окромя монитора, клавы и тачпада?

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Still, the mob generators are ugly.
Imagine you stay in a middle of a great flat desert. Not a sight of anything, even no clouds. You casually rotate 360° several times and suddenly there is a house-sized dragon right in front of you. A miracle, bloody hell!

Omg! So that's why our search abilities here are so lame!

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There are also quality non-IT-nerds people. How to deal with them?

What about Husky also?
Why only Mastodon?

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Then you will not get "quality people" because there are different mindsets. You will get only IT nerds.

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It was you who said “if you don't know how to set up and maintain it then hire someone who knows”. Now you changed your mind?

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Nerds can be lame in tech

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Yet, making it easier is a good approach. Because not everyone has this understanding of how it works technically, how to set it up, and how lately to maintain it. Look, just a rough example, if I want to listen to music I don't want to set up the proper frequency, calibrate speakers, and write a proper command in several lines. Because in the end, I will forget what I wanted to do.

I'm unsure if they think so. I believe they prefer to think they are kinda paladins making the world better.

Poor devil.
It's sad to see that people used to ask someone to do something with guys they don't like even if they have enough tools to ban/mute them personally.
Or at least not to lurk for someone they don't like.

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Well, they are trying to do something like that in Israel and some EU countries

Let me please then promote a bit outdated but still useful list of analogues:

So, is the Session private or it is private because you say that? How can we be sure?

Ononono, don't do that!
You made such a good step by freeing a bit of your data and moving out of algorithm-oriented socials. Don't add here a bad part by supporting those who use you as a product.
Or at least give a choice to the others.
Use XMPP or Matrix.