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Pronouns: whichever the fuck you want, I don't care about whether you see me as a dude or a bitch.
Political orientation: none, free human beings don't pick a side.
Religion: no dogma.
Birthplace: Earth.
Current location: some Buddhist temple in east Asia I guess.
Race: Lamborghini.
Gender: kebab.
Ethnicity: drawing.
Native language: the one my parents speak.
Wealth: when I was 18, my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.
Blood type: lemme check between my legs...nothing I guess?
Tastes as: 肉まん.

@xianc78 @PhenomX6 @orekix Or perhaps we don't need anything new and shiny, we just need to recognize the errors, and fix it instead.
If you think about it, there's really nothing wrong with the tech stack we already have, there's only wrong with how this tech stack has been utilized over the past almost 2 decades.

@PhenomX6 @PinochetsCommieCopter I think no religion is compatible.
Well, Buddhism is OK with the rainbow terrorists, but that's just because Buddha simply doesn't care.

@Beltosic Leftist wokies, rightist puritans, literally no difference at all.
Both just REEE at drawings anyway.

Too bad there's only 1 non-anonymous report so far, meaning only 1 wokie can be set up for public shaming, which is @WalrusAurelius

Just noticed I have admin power on this instance now, so I can now see reports against me first hand.

sensitive media

@xianc78 @cnx You can easily host your own Gitea server though, GitLab should only be done if you have at least 512 GiB of RAM on your server, because it's this bloated.

And perhaps soon you will have no other option than to host your own server, because everything is going behind CuckFlare, everything is getting hosted on AWS, everything is getting a censorious as fuck TOS, and so on.

@Gronsak Imagine declaring the entire English DICKtionary racist except for the word "racist", that'll become literally the word you'd still be allowed to use in English without the worry of offending anyone.

Telling people good morning is now being a right wing racist. awoo_jew

@PhenomX6 @PinochetsCommieCopter I wonder if there are any covered up "pride month" attacks though.

@PhenomX6 @sarvo @neko So does Pleroma though.

@coolboymew Weren't we already out of IP addresses for 25 years now?


@sjw What American? America died in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

4 panel meme, stacked. 
Top panel shows DSA ball watching TV. TV says, "Breaking news, human rights were just abolished". DSA ball says, "Holy shit!".
2nd panel shows DSA ball saying, "That's it, I've HAD it! No more being nice, no more being peaceful!"
3rd panel shows DSA ball saying, "WE NEED A REVOLUTION!"
Last panel shows DSA ball at the ballot box casting their vote.

@xianc78 @cnx Microshaft owns it, and uses your open source code for their proprietary crap.
All you need to know about Github basically.

Itch.io be like

@PhenomX6 Fuck it. I'm self-hosting all my games.