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> Technically a Goolag product, but the company itself is barely even involved.

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But instead of Iridium, why not Ungoogled Chromium?

Carol and Nobeta just can't get along 💢

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Maybe he really played lol.

Yes. I've heard the 1st season is trash. Modern anime is usually for promotion of other things, and it is a card game so...

Yeah, it's more profitable in that way, unfortunately. But the balance declined really fast in recent packs (Look how insane the status and effect is: https://web.archive.org/web/20220929050342/https://shadowverse.gamewith.jp/article/show/347272 ).

In the past at least they restored some overall balance in new sets, like SFL is generally balanced compared to ToG (mainly Lightning Blast's Enhance 10 and Zell when it was 222) and the infamous WLD which made many players left. And even that there is still chance to win without using mainstream decks (unless when I faced the classic op card Dimension Shift). Now it's never.

Cloudflare wants to replace CAPTCHAs with Turnstile – https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/28/cloudflare-wants-to-replace-captchas-with-turnstile/

“Turnstile automatically chooses a browser challenge based on ‘telemetry and client behavior exhibited during a session,’ Cloudflare says, rather than factors like login cookies. After running non-interactive JavaScript challenges to gather signals about the visitor and browser environment and using AI models to detect features and visitors who’ve passed a challenge before. . . .”

big if true

The game was fun... Sad to see the balance is so broken and boring now.




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> I know it's needed for client side mining, but for things like subscriptions though?
Yes. I wish it has a simple fallback page for JS disabled.

> https://codeberg.org/silverpill/mitra
> cargo build --release --features production
Oh, it's in Rust too.

They are not lethal jabs though, since they don't kill you instantly or in a short time. Also every death is unrelated to the vaccines. It's either Covid or they died from other illness.

@Suiseiseki It's supposed to end the discussion because I'm sick of it and it will never go anywhere because it never does, it's a huge waste of time. If you think that a program that spies on people almost as much as fucking Google Chrome does and is blatantly anti-freedom, is free because of legalistic bullshit, then there's no point in saying anything else.

Free software doesn't have to respect the user's freedom, so it's just open source. It's just free as in money, really, the whole "freedom" thing associated with it means nothing, because "free" programs can assrape the user's freedom as much as proprietary software and still be "free". Pointless to argue against an ideology that believes that free doesn't mean free, and that software can be designed and used to take away human freedom and to be as difficult as possible to replace but still be free.

Even if it's something that can realistically be forked and made free, that does not make the original free. Freedom in software is dying, it has been declining for a while and corporations are taking everything over with intentionally clusterfucked software that is designed to be irreplaceable and to be a dependency for everything, and "free software" people are all for that.

I'm being an idiot, I'm making arguments again when the entire point is that I am frustrated by having to repeat basic shit over and over again. I should not have to make these arguments. At some point it's just us vs them and there can be no debate. It's like trying to make arguments to Microsoft about why what they do is wrong and is going to have disastrous consequences for human freedom. They don't care, they are just the enemy and they do it on purpose. Arguments should be made in front of an audience so that other people can be exposed to them. Debates are a complete waste of time.